Buddy story



Here is my story, The saviour of Christmas.

In class we have been working on story’s for our buddies, but don’t tell them it’s a secret!

Anyway we have put a lot of work into the books they are all Christmas themed and I’m sure out buddies will love them…

Film festival

Today we went to watch grade 6 students show us the movies they all made based on one topic, the topic was how humans and animals effect the environment.


On Wednesday Grade 5M and 5V went to a space education program AKA (VSSEC) there were 4 activities to do there. 1. Being in mission control, we had to solve problems that kept happening but then a big problem happened, we had to evacuate the scientists! They all made it out safe then it was our turn…

We were put in an simulation sending us to Mars. Then we went to the lab to learn and send our info to the mission control specialists. Then “it” happened. We were called by a mission control boy and he told us we needed to evacuate but, we said no and ended up dying (not really!). Our next activity was to make static electricity, we also made dancing robots I made one with arms and no eyes!

Fish (Rating)

We have just finished reading the book fish my rating out of five is….

4! Sorry creators of Fish!

My rating is 4 because it’s adventurous, dangerous and flauful. My favourite kind of books are adventure books and suspenseful books, this story was both! But…. We never found out Tiger’s real name that’s why I rated it 4.

Leadership day

Today our principal came in to talk to us about leadership she explained the basics of leader skills to us. Later on a police office named Shawn came in to talk to us about leadership as well, he asked us to write down three examples of what he said here are mine….


Example 1: Leaders can learn this by being more of a communicater and listener.

Example 2: When you tell someone off for something, don’t go and do it yourself.

Example 3: Don’t be mean when you tell someone off try and be nice so you don’t hurt their feelings.

Rhyming Poem

A Cat that is called Pat!


This is my Cat his name is Pat!

He frollocks around in his room all night.

And lies on his back all through the light.

His fur colour is just grey and white.

A Cat with fur brown and white has emerged from the darkest black from light!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t start a fight!

This newly seen Cat hisses and pounces straight at me I want to run I want to scream!

Pat jumps in front of me in a sort of protective manner and looks like he’s in quite a flutter.

The brown and white Cat starts to back down and runs away in a bluster.

Horay for Pat I yell.

Then he lies down and falls fast asleep.


Here we have a list of homophones, homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently.


The list:

Aisle Isle

eye I

there their they’re

by buy bye

bear bare

be bee

cell sell

scent sent

cerial serial

flour flower

Air heir

right write

root route
sail sale
sea see
seam seem
sight site
sew so
shore sure
sole soul
some sum
son sun
stair stare
stationary stationery
steal steel
suite sweet
tail tale
their there
to too
toe tow
waist waste
wait weight
way weigh
weak week
wear where


Here is the website you check out for some more words!







Cinqauin poem







It’s pronoucend cinkane not cinqwain, these are not the way you spell them it’s just the way to pronounce them.

Here we have my cinqauin poem, when we did our third rotation we had to do 4, one is something we don’t like two was something that happened to you three was something you like and number four was something you can see. My poem was about my fractured arm!





Diamante poem

Here is a Diamante poem that we wrote in our books then typed on our iPads mine as you can tell is about Cats and Kittens and there are two pictures of my own cats on the side.